Stay - Eat - Do | Split, Croatia!


Yesterday, I spent a large chunk of time (larger than I would have liked) going through backed up emails I have from my blog. Because I haven’t been incredibly active, and I feel like pretty much most of my readers are people I actually know in real life, I don’t really expect to come across anything exciting in my inbox.

I was mostly right, since 99% of the things in there were alerting me of spam comments on past posts or monthly newsletters from other travel blogs that I can never quite catch up with. 

But then I saw it. 

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As someone that has traveled a bit and had a few romances with fellow travelers (whether for a night, or even for a few months), I found this article easy to relate to.

Even though it says it is for female backpackers, I feel like many of these ‘rules’ can be used by all the male travelers out there as well. 

If you are currently or soon to be traveling, give this a read! And if you have been backpacking around the world, would you agree with these ‘rules’? Are there any you would add to the list?