Stay - Eat - Do | Split, Croatia!


Yesterday, I spent a large chunk of time (larger than I would have liked) going through backed up emails I have from my blog. Because I haven’t been incredibly active, and I feel like pretty much most of my readers are people I actually know in real life, I don’t really expect to come across anything exciting in my inbox.

I was mostly right, since 99% of the things in there were alerting me of spam comments on past posts or monthly newsletters from other travel blogs that I can never quite catch up with. 

But then I saw it. 

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My Friend, The Traveler: Gethin from ‘Straya

Man, I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to this guy. 


There aren’t enough positive words in the world to describe who he is and what he means to me, but I will give it a shot.

I met this kid a couple weeks into my 17 months abroad and we quickly became quite attached to each other. He worked for the pub crawl that I had just started working for (as the only female employee as well) and he did a good job of taking me under his wing and showing me the ropes.

We had an INSANE 8 months together.

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So you want to work for a pub crawl?


For some reason, one thing that I haven’t really talked about much on this blog AT ALL is my experience working for pub crawls. I am not really sure why I haven’t either, because it has been such a massive part of my time that I spent in Europe. (Maybe a little too much…)

Well the time has come that I let you in on the behind the scenes look of what it was like working for a pub crawl in Europe, and how you can score a job doing it as well.  

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To je službeni!

For those of you like me that DON’T speak Croatian, that means…


Let my next great adventure begin

I have been talking about it for awhile now, but I have made the final decision today to move to Split, Croatia at the end of May this year. I put the first step of my plan into action by purchasing my one-way flight there from London all of about 2 hours ago.

Ever since I received my confirmation email with my itinerary and boarding pass, I have just been buzzing and grinning ear to ear. (Thank you easyJet!)

It has been close to a year since I have stepped foot on a beach, let alone seen one in person, and coming from a girl who grew up in California, it feels like decades

For those of you that don’t know much (or anything) about Croatia, let alone Split, here is the jist:

  • Croatia is a Medditeranian country, surrounded by BosniaSerbiaSloveniaHungary, and across from Italy.
  • Split is the second largest city in Croatia, located on the Eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea.
  • It is referred to by it’s residents as ”The sportiest city in the world.
  • Funnily enough, Los Angeles is regarded as one of Split’s “sister cities.” 
  • From Split, there is easy access to fellow Croatian cities such as Dubrovnik, Hvar, Solta, and Brac.
  • In the summer time it is bustling with travelers and backpackers from all over the world that I certainly cant wait to meet! 
"Why Croatia?" you might ask…
Well the idea came about, because two of my friends from Prague will be moving there mid-May to work for another friends pub crawl that runs throughout the summer. One of them mentioned to me that they would be looking for people that have experience doing that sort of thing (which I do, from living in Prague), and it just set a plan in motion. 
I mean, who wouldn’t want to live here?
Split, Croatia
Plus, my visa is close to running up in a couple months in London anyways, and I would like to try somewhere new, unknown, and exciting… 
After some extensive research on flights, things to do, visa regulations, etc, I made the officially decision to take the plunge and make a move. 
Headed to Split on May 28th!
I will be moving into a flat with my two friends from Prague (one’s Czech & one’s Aussie), which has already been sorted out by our future boss.
Starting work on June 1st for the pub crawl and so looking forward to it! It was really nice having a few months away from all the crazy drinking and partying, but working for a pub crawl is really one of the funnest jobs that you can have during the summer. Favorite part being that you get to meet amazing, fun, like-minded young travelers making their way through Europe. I can’t tell you how many connections I made and friends that I have around the world, just from working on the crawl in Prague last summer! 
Now it is just a matter of getting in better shape and some color on my skin before I get there…I don’t think I have ever been this pale in my life.
Wish me luck :)