One thing that many people have asked me when they hear how much I want to travel outside of the states is "But what about all the places to see in the US?!" I get how some people can’t understand my desire to run away and explore other countries when I live in one that has so much to offer already.

A road trip across the US is like a right of passage for Americans, whether you are 18 or 80. It is such a vast country with everything from beaches to mountains to deserts and everything in between. The lakes, the big cities, the small towns…there is so much beauty to experience in my home country that I have yet to do. 

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el camino de santiago My Fascination With An Ancient Pilgrimage   The Camino de Santiago

I’ll be honest, I spent very little time thinking about what this weeks addition of To-do List Tuesday was going to be about. 

This wasn’t because I didn’t care, or because I just wanted to pick something quickly so I can crank this post out before the deadline of midnight comes around (which happens to only be a couple hours away - procrastination at its finest!).

I actually have know for some time what I was going to be adding to my travel bucket list today…

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John White

G’day mate!

(cue eye-roll)

I know it has been aaaaages since i have written one of these lists and there is really no excuse for it. I got sucked in the fast and fun life of Split and let this blog fall to the wayside.

I know that there comes a time when a lot of bloggers do this and they say that it won’t happen again and, of course, it does, but that’s not going to be me. To make sure of that, I am not going to promise you that this is not going to happen. I don’t know what is going to take place in the future or what direction I try to take this blog from here on out. All I can promise you is that I am going to try. I am going to do my best to keep posting often and consistently as I can and continue writing for you. 

My first step towards this is by starting my To-do List Tuesday back up and going again! (If you are unsure what this is all about just click the link to check it out.)

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Did someone say “festival”?

The more and more that I have been traveling around Europe, as well as hearing travel stories of friends who have done the same, the more amazing sounding festivals I hear about. Whether music, adrenalin, or partying is the theme behind the festival, it seems as if a new fabulous festival pops up every day! 

For this weeks installment of (creatively named) “to-do list tuesday”, I am adding three new festivals to my travel bucket list

  1. Cochella: I have no idea how I don’t have this festival on my list already, but you can bet your ass that it’s being added with extreme urgency. This spring music and arts festival takes place in a VERY sunny Southern California desert, usually in April, and held over two weekends. Music is non-stop, usually consisting of indie, rock, hip-hop, and electronic. The festival also features art installations throughout the festival grounds, mostly interactive and providing entertainment to the festival-goers. If this  sounds like something that you would love to do one year, keep in mind that tickets usually sell out within a couple hours of being released. IT’S THAT GOOD!
  2. Carnevale: My good friend from home, CK, went to this festival last year and loved it! It takes place in Italy and is a huge winter festival celebrated with parades, masquerade balls, entertainment, music, and parties. Children throw confetti at each other. Mischief and pranks are also common during Carnevale, hence the saying A Carnevale Ogni Scherzo Vale, anything goes at carnival. It’s basically a similar version of mardi gras (which I believe is a similar translation to Carnevale). Sounds pretty awesome huh? I mean, who wouldn’t want to go?!
  3. Notting Hill Carnival: I have actually been invited to this full-blooded Caribbean carnival a couple of times, and you would think, living in London occasionally, that I would have been by now. WRONG. This super fun street festival takes place at the end of the summer and I am usually in California around that time. Well, I won’t be in California this year, but I will be in Croatia, and as much as I am tempted to fly back to London the weekend it falls on, it is also on around the same time as La Tomatina, and that one is a little higher up on the MUST GO list right now. So, give me a couple of years time, but this festival is going on the list, and I will be marking it off someday.

How about you? What are some big festivals from around the world that you have on your list? 

Any thoughts or suggestions on what you read? Please feel free to share them in the comment box below. Also, thank you so much for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe it inspired you to start your own list! 

Places to go, things to do, people to meet.

Most travelers out there have what we call a “travel bucket list.” You know, all the things that you would like to accomplish while out and about exploring the world? 

Well, I have been compiling mine for quite sometime now, although it still has a ways to go, and thought that I would share it with you…

Kait’s Travel To-Do List

My inspiration for things on this list have come from fellow travelers stories, other peoples lists, photos of places I liked, and some are just my own desired tasks. 

If you think that there is something that I “gotta have” on the list, that isn’t there yet, please let me know! 

About once a week I am going to attempt to add 3 more things to my list that I would like to accomplish one day, calling it (drum roll please):


Catchy, eh? 

If you are feeling stuck on things to put on your own Travel Bucket List, feel free to take anything from mine that you would like to add to yours.

Also, here are some others that I found inspirational:

Good luck!